Past CHAHEC Student Programs

BENECAMP - Benedictine Hospital - A one week, summer M*A*S*H Camp for up to 20 students 12-14 years old from Ulster County area schools. The goal is to educate participants on how a healthcare facility operates to encourage interest in a variety of employment opportunities available. Students participate in activities that range from tours of departments within the Hospital, to working on team projects with professional mentors from the Hospital staff. Additionally, students are CPR certified, educated in bio-terrorism responses and how medical professionals deal with crisis situations.

BODIES-The Exhibition – Arlington HS, ONC BOCES, Rockland County BOCES - Students interested in pursuing a healthcare career were able to attend this extraordinary anatomy exhibit in New York City. This unforgettable experience gives students a greater understanding of their own physical makeup and a deeper respect for the complexity of the human body.

BS/DO Program - Institute for Family Health/Catskill Hudson AHEC

Cardiovascular Teaching Day - Tri-County Medical Associates/Columbia County Medical Society

Career Fitness - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Circle of Caring Webcast - Jewish Family Srvices of Ulster County

Community Speakers Bureau - Columbia Memorial Hospital

Critical Care Conference - Bassett Healthcare

CSI - Curious Students Investigating Job Opportunities - Catskill Regional Medical Center - Catskill Hudson AHEC's sponsorship enabled the Health Academy/New Visions Students the opportunity to conduct this health career exploration program that was available to up to 120 9th and 10th grade students.

Cultural Diversity Training - Institute for Family Health

E.C.H.O. Program (Exploring Careers and HealthCare Opportunities) - Hudson River HealthCare, Inc. - A youth development program designed to encourage and cultivate a diverse, dedicated healthcare workforce through experience with a variety of healthcare occupations. In addition to practical experience, this program is designed to increase participant's self-esteem, self-sufficiency and awareness of their potential to be valuable, contributing members of their community. (2007) (2006)

E.C.H.O. (Exploring Careers & Healthcare Opportunities) - Provides career and healthcare opportunity explorations for at-risk teenagers interested in pursuing future training in health occupations in the Hudson River HealthCare service, which includes five of the eleven Catskill Hudson AHEC counties (Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, Sullivan and Columbia).

Emergency Responder Leadership Academy - Catskill Hudson AHEC

EMS Leadership Academy - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Evolutions Through Healthcare - Valley Forge Press

Exploring the Health Professions – Catskill Hudson AHEC

Foundations of Professional Practice: An Educational Day - Rockland BOCES

Grant Writing 101 - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Health and Wellness Program - DCMO BOCES - Program designed to assist schools to encourage youth in the exploration and pursuit of health careers through service learning.

Health Care Awareness Program - Orange-Ulster BOCES - A program encouraging youth, especially from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue a healthcare career.

Health Care Career Week - Columbia Memorial Hospital

Health Careers Behind the Scenes / M*A*S*H Camp - Catskill Regional Medical Center - A Camp that exposes middle and high school students to opportunities in occupations in healthcare. This program is designed to facilitate minority and underserved students' interest in health careers.

Health Career Exploration Service - Learning Program - DCMO BOCES - A program that is designed to encourage 30, Kindergarten through 12th grade children to explore and pursue healthcare careers through service learning.

Health Career Exploration Program - Ulster BOCES - New Visions Health Career Students visit local middle schools and meet with guidance counselors and students in order to prepare them for an extended visit to area hospitals, where students are given the opportunity to visit various departments within the institution and learn prerequisites, requirements and responsibilities of the job from department personnel. This program encourages youth to pursue a career in healthcare.

HealthMatch - Catskill Hudson AHEC

HOEP (Health Occupations Exploration Program) - Ulster BOCES

Health Path - Columbia Memorial Hospital

HOSA Program - Orange-Ulster BOCES - Program designed to begin a Chapter of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) for the purpose of engaging high school students in actively participating in experiences and exposures that will encourage them to gain the foundation skills to pursue a future career in health care.

Information Project - Mid-Hudson Library System - 1/2 day conference, Exploring Careers in the Health Field, for 8th grade students.

Introduction to Health Occupations - Sullivan County BOCES

LPN/CNA Career Day - Questar III

M*A*S*H* Camp – Delaware Valley Hospital - A 2-day MASH Camp for up to 20 area high school students who are interested in exploring healthcare careers. Students tour the hospital and learn about various healthcare careers and procedures by participating in hands-on activities, learning about different types of medical equipment and observing staff members performing their jobs. Students also learn about educational requirements for various healthcare careers.

Medical Student Housing Program - Bassett Healthcare

Medical Student Internship - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Medical Student Lecture Series - Bassett Healthcare

Medical Student Rotation - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Medical Student Travel Program - Institute for Family Health

Middle School Healthcare Career Exploration - Ulster BOCES - Program that provides 10 students from every school district in the county the opportunity to experience various healthcare careers in hospitals and ancillary healthcare settings.

National HOSA Finals - Questar III

New Visions Middle School Health Career Exploration - Ulster County BOCES

New Visions Program - Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES

Nurse Camp - Bassett Healthcare - A program that enables students to explore the field of Nursing as a career choice.

Nurse Camp - Dutchess Community College - A program that enables high school seniors to explore the field of Nursing as a career choice.

Nurse Education Assistance Program - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Nursing Summit - Catskill Hudson AHEC

NYS Council of Practical Nurss Annual Education Conference - Ulster County BOCES

Osteopathic Student Program - Mid-Hudson Family Practice

Pathways to Success – Catskill Hudson AHEC - A middle and high school Career Preparedness and Life Skills program divided into 6 segments, which include: Life Skills, Personal Appearance, Career Preparation, Interview Skills, Personal Finance and How to Obtain a Driver’s License. Pathways to Success meets New York State Learning Standards.

Precepting Skills & Teaching in Primary Care - Catskill Hudson AHEC

REACH-IT Program - Columbia Memorial Hospital - A program that creates a model that is committed to establishing an academic and vocational setting that cultivates and increases awareness and promotes career advancement within the healthcare arena.

RHENDOMS Summer Medical Academy - Bassett Healthcare

Shadow a Nurse Program - Bassett Healthcare – Students shadow a nurse’s daily work activities to introduce them to and suggest nursing as a career option.

Shadow a Surgeon Program - Mithoefer Center for Rural Surgery, Bassett Healthcare - Educates area high school students on heart-healthy lifestyles & career exploration.

Shadow Training - Columbia Memorial Hospital

SNMA Albany Med Open House - Albany Medical College

STEP (Science & Technology Entry Program) - SUNY New Paltz

Student Nursing Assistant Program – Bassett Healthcare – This program is designed to encourage high school students to consider a career in nursing by introducing them to the hospital setting and providing insight into the art and science aspect of the nursing profession.

Summer Enrichment Program - St. Luke’s, Cornwall Hospitals - A 6 week, part-time, paid summer internship for local high school seniors and college students to actively participate in and work within one of the hospital's departments to expose them to various professions in healthcare and encourage them to pursue a health career.

Summer Medical Academy - ONC BOCES – Up to 30 ninth and tenth graders participate in a one-week, health career survey program at two local hospitals. The goal is to encourage youth, especially from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue health careers.

Summer Youth Employment Program – Columbia Greene Community College – Participants of this program were provided with a total of 100 hours of career exploration in health related careers and became certified in CPR and First Aid. Participants were treated as employees and were paid the minimum wage for each hour they attended.

Summer Youth Employment Program - Hudson River Health Care

Tools for an Effective Job Search - Catskill Hudson AHEC

Up Close Cardiac Surgery Program - Bassett Healthcare

Who Done It? Solve the Medical Mystery – Catskill Hudson AHEC - A middle school, health career awareness program on DVD that is similar to a murder mystery, only with a better outcome. In an amusing way, the storyline presents a crime that the audience must solve. However, each of the four suspects has a physical ailment that requires medical treatment which must be taken into consideration during the investigation. The audience will decide Who Done It? by assessing the crime and physical ailments to determine who they believe could have physically committed the crime.

Y2Kids Careers from A-Z - Orange-Ulster BOCES - A two day, hands-on, interactive career exploration for middle school students.

Youth Leadership Internship Program – Ulster County YWCA - A student summer work program that enables them to intern at medical facility for 6 weeks. Through this program, students experience a medically related profession, first-hand, attend 6 life-skill/substance abuse prevention workshops and participate in a community service project.