Past CHAHEC Medical Student Programs

Anatomy & Diversity: BodyWorlds - SUNY Cobleskill - Designed to give current medical career students an opportunity to learn from classic anatomical displays at the Philadelphia College of Physicians’ Mutter Museum of Anatomical Anomalies and compare these presentations to the contemporary, "plastinated" BodyWorlds anatomical displays at the Franklin Institute of Science. It was also a recruitment tool to encourage students in other disciplines, who were taking science courses, to consider careers in a health profession.

BS/DO Program - Mid-Hudson Family Health Institute - This program was designed to accelerate the undergraduate and graduate medical curriculum from the traditional 8 years to a 7 year combined program. A special emphasis is placed on the recruitment of local youths as a means of recruiting family practice residents and, eventually, family physicians to the Hudson Valley.

Medical Student Clerkship Program - Mid-Hudson Family Health Institute – Funding to support medical student rural rotation housing and travel reimbursement. This initiative is designed to promote family medicine in the Hudson Valley as well as to expose local students to a career in healthcare so that they remain in the area for college, medical school, residency training and practice.

Medical Student Housing - Bassett Healthcare – Catskill Hudson AHEC funding assistance for housing expenses of 3rd & 4th year medical students. This program offers education in clinical rotations and is vital to the education mission. It is used as a recruitment tool for the residency program and encourages residents to remain at or return as attending faculty.

Medical Student Program - Mid-Hudson Family Health Institute - Program that allows students to work with physicians in a wide geographic area within a number of medical specialties and provides the vital linkage between pre-medical learning, medical school clerkships and residency training in family medicine. It also focuses on enhancing continuing educational programs designed to train physicians to become better teachers.

Osteopathic Student Program – Mid-Hudson Institute for Family Health – Catskill Hudson AHEC funding toward a NYCOM and Touro Osteopathic Medical Student recruitment effort. Students were invited to attend an interactive session with Mid-Hudson Family Practice Residency Program Faculty and Residents.

Pre-Medical Program - SUNY Cobleskill

Shadow-A-Surgeon - Mithoefer Center for Rural Surgery - Program that provides pre-med students a first-hand opportunity to shadow a surgeon in the clinical setting to experience what it is like to be a surgeon in a rural community.