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Contact:  Katherine Doyle                                                                December 21, 2009
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Roxanna  Raffa, MSN, RN, Nursing Workforce Development Coordinator for Catskill Hudson AHEC (CHAHEC), is one of two registered nurses currently employed throughout the NYS AHEC system.  As Roxanna’s role within CHAHEC is focused on nursing workforce development, her primary responsibility has been to plan and coordinate CHAHEC’s annual Nursing Summit and other nursing continuing education offerings as well as promote the nursing profession through participation at student and professional nursing events.  She is also the liaison for the northern tier of CHAHEC’s 11 county region.

Recently, Roxanna graduated from the New York State Nurses Association’s (NYSNA’s) Leadership Academy, a year long program with curriculum designed for leadership development.   Roxanna feels “honored to be part of organizations that nurture leadership development, promote professionalism and are willing to invest in the future of nursing.”  Roxanna’s experiences during Leadership Academy has been beneficial to CHAHEC’s mission in health professions workforce development as she had learned form and mentored with leaders from Nursing and other professions as well as gained experience and insight for legislative process and advocacy.

Roxanna also serves on NYSNA’s Continuing Education Review Team and has been appointed Secretary of her local area Chamber of Commerce.  Her dedication to her profession and community is reflected in her achievements as well as her involvement in the organizations in which she serves.  She is dedicated to professional and educational advancement as she has earned a Masters Degree in Nursing, is the Co-Chairperson of the Upstate New York Nursing Staff Development Organization and has recently been appointed to the Affiliate Advisory Committee for the National Nursing Staff Development Organization. 

In her role at CHAHEC, Roxanna understands the importance of remaining connected with professional peers and community leaders as well as being informed and involved with issues of importance pertaining to practice and legislation in order to positively influence the future of her profession and the communities in which she serves.  She believes that our healthcare system is at a pivotal point of change with advancements in technology and research, budget constraints, nursing and other healthcare workforce shortages as well as other influencing factors, such as the changing needs of our communities at large.  These changes often influence current and future healthcare practices. The ensuing need for change also affects the role of nursing and how nurses will provide care to patients, families and communities. These changes often influence current and future healthcare practices. The ensuing need for change also affects the role of nursing and how nurses will provide care to patients, families and communities.

In her role, Roxanna also has the opportunity to mentor students who are interested in pursuing a career in Nursing as well as mentor and develop programs for practicing nurses who wish to advance their skills or educational degrees.  She sees this as a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to her profession because her efforts could help to develop and positively influence the next generation of nurses and nurse leaders. 

To assist with her efforts, Roxanna has developed both printed and web-based resources specific to the nursing profession located in both the Student and Health Professionals sections of the CHAHEC website.  A printed student nursing brochure is also available for download in the Student section of the CHAHEC website.   Both sections contain a wealth information and links to resources, such as educational institutions, scholarships and financial aid, nursing specialties, professional organizations, scopes of practice, continuing education and much more.  The information provided could be considered an informational stepping stone for students and practicing nurses interested in seeking out resources and opportunities toward future professional development.

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