Scrubs Club

Scrubs Club is a health career exploration program for all high school students consisting of 28, ninety-minute lesson plans that are designed to introduce students to various healthcare careers and offer them the oportunity to experience them through engaging, hands-on activities and real-life experiences.  These lesson plans can be incorporated into daily curriculum, or can be utilized as a 3-year, longitudinal, afterschool program.

  • Scrubs Club is a proven practical and effective hands-on approach to make a tangible impact on student career choices.  Download the Program Evaluation and Student Impact Survey Results here.
  • Scrubs Club meets New York State Career Development & Occupational Studies Core Curriculum and Learning Standards.

Examples of topics and activities include:


  • Careers in Direct Patient Care - Sensory Experiences - activities relating to impairments in vision, hearing, limitation of movement, and dyslexia.
  • Careers in Nursing - "I'll Take Nursing for $200 Alex" Nursing Jeopardy Trivia Game.
  • Careers in Clinical Laboratory Sciences - Case of the Stolen Serum - blood typing activity.
  • Careers in Physical and Rehabilitative Therapy - Tools of the Trade activities.
  • Careers in the Surgical Team - Dressing for Surgery activity.
  • Careers in Public Health - Field trip to the county health department.
  • EMS 101 - CPR training and certification, first-aid training, Automatic External Defibrillator use, and Heimlich Maneuver training.
  • Careers in Administrative Support - Medical Wheel of Fortune game.
  • Working as a Team - Hoop Pass and Robot Writing activities.


  • Creating a Life Map - Students will create a personal credo and life map to use as a graphic organizer for developing a college and career timetable.
  • Body Language and Facial Expressions - Students will learn how they communicate with body language and facial expressions.
  • Developing a Resume - Students will learn how to develop their own resume.
  • Communication and Listening Skills - Students will learn various means of communication and how communication influences outcomes.
  • Personal Finance - Students will learn how to develop a budget through exercises that correspond to various health occupations.
  • Building Employability Skills - Students will learn team-building and use self-reflection to explore key employability skills.
  • Choosing a Career and Career Preparation - Students will understand the difference between choosing a career and simply looking for a job.
  • Creating a Community Project - Students will learn how to organize, promote, and implement a community project.


“Scrubs Club provides our students with an array of needed skills for college and career readiness.  It also offers exposure to hospitals through field trips, enabling them to observe jobs in the medical field that they may not have known about.”  Michael Tierney, Superintendent, Dover Union Free School District 

The Scrubs Club was one of the highlights of my school year.  Students were eager to come to the sessions where they learned about health career choices.  Sessions were held after school, once a month, and I was delighted at the commitment and attendance.  The content is fun and hands-on activities keep the students interested and engaged while learning.”  Ann Murray, Dover High School Scrubs Club Advisor

“Career exploration and preparation during high school is so critical for vocational success. My visit to Dover High School’s Scrubs Club affirmed that students can be empowered through this process with an engaging curriculum and resourceful facilitators.  Students worked on a pictorial life map and personal statement at that session. There were many “Ah ha” moments as students saw the connection between their personal strengths and qualities that were well-suited to health-related careers.  My own career as a funeral director began 30 years ago when as a teenager, a caring adult introduced me to working in funeral service.  I can see Scrubs Club will be an invaluable opportunity for Dover students to make informed career choices based on knowledge and understanding that gives them the best chance for long-term career success.” Katie Palmer-House, Ed.D., Board Chair, Foundation for Community Health

"The students I have observed as they participate in Scrubs Club have been actively involved and really seem to like the activities they are doing.  This is proving to be a great opportunity for students to get a glimpse at what it means to be 'College and Career ready'. " Kenneth Sauer, Principal, Webutuck High School

"Scrubs Club has been great for our students that have an interest in the fields associated with medicine. They get the chance to work with each other while exploring various activities.  The kids really like what we're doing!"  Patrick McKeever, Webutuck High School Scrubs Club Advisor

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