Catskill Hudson Area Health Education Center

In the midst of an economic recession, one rural community recognized the need to act and, with the help of HealthMatch, took a pro-active and innovative approach to recruit a much-needed physician for their small, rural hospital.  As a community-based health recruitment program, HealthMatch launched a $200,000 community-wide economic development capital campaign in January 2010.  This project raised $183,000 from local residents and businesses to provide financial incentives for potential physician candidates.  In September 2013, a family physician was successfully recruited through the HealthMatch project, which provided her with a down payment to purchase a home in the community, as well as a grant to lower first-year mortgage payments.

If your community is in need of healthcare providers, or if you are a healthcare provider looking for a practice opportunity in New York State, call today to learn more about the unique services HealthMatch can offer you.